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1. To assist and facilitate Students to become academically and intellectually Proficient, morally and ethically Upright, socially and spiritually Inspired. 
2. To bring College Education within the reach of common folks. 
3. To cater to the educational needs of the students of remote and far-flung areas who otherwise could not afford to continue their higher studies in big cities. 
4. To inculcate in the Students the spirit of Unity in Diversity – equipping them to face the contemporary challenges – thus, paving the way for citizens with positive and inclusive outlook of Life.  
5.  To inspire all those connected to St. Francis Institutions with the ideals of this Saint who abandoned an easy life to be in solidarity with every living being.  
6.  To enable Students to become capable of respecting Themselves, respecting Others and respecting the Environment – within the context of universal brotherhood of Saint Francis D’Assisi 

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