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The College Motto in the College Coat of Arms carries with it meaningful Connotations:

• The Name “St. Francis D’Assisi” stands for the Patron of the College – a most loved 12th Century Saint from the Italian Town of Assisi – Now made present in the tiny hamlet of Siejlieh, Nongstoiñ, West Khasi Hills, Meghalaya, India.
• Stretching across the Coat of Arms from the Right Side below to the Left Side above is the Ladder – connoting the striving for successful excellence in the life of every Franciscan Student.
• The Indian Lamp at the bottom rung of the Ladder indicates that the Light of Knowledge begins in the cradle of a home atmosphere –in one’s own culture and traditions – Education is the Spark that lights up a mind of a Child.
• The open Book, above the Indian Lamp, on the second Rung of the Ladder says that the College’s primary Task–Commitment is Education and the love of Learning.
• The Cross of Jesus Christ, above the open Book, on the third Rung of the Ladder, indicates the Love of God for Humanity in the Person of Jesus Christ which captivated Saint Francis to do something good and worthwhile for our broken World – making him to be well-known as the second Christ.
• The Star, overhead the open Book, on the fourth Rung of the Ladder connotes the highest Aim of the Institution – to reach for the Stars – Students of St. Francis D’Assisi College ought to aim high, knowing that all along their educational Journey they are not alone: A Light of Knowledge has been ignited in their cradle homes; they have entered an Institution where Love of Learning is its primary Preoccupation; on this Journey they are assisted by God through the brotherly intercession of Saint Francis – to reach the Stars – to become Stars
• The Motto: “LOVE AND SERVICE” with the year of the College’s establishment “2010” brings forth that characteristics of Saint Francis who found perfect joy in Service that genuinely emanates from altruistic Love – inviting every Franciscan Student and the College community as a whole to tread the Path of their Patron on their Educational Journey.

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