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God Expects You at Saint Francis D’Assisi:  
• That you develop a close relationship with Him through prayerful participation in the Life of the Institution.  
• That you behave in a Godlike manner: in your dealings with others – modeling at all times His qualities of Tolerance, Fairness, Respect and Honesty. 

The Educational Authorities Expect You at Saint Francis D’Assisi:  
• That you attend College regularly. 
• That you come punctually to the College. 
• That you attend diligently all the Classes organized for you.  
• That you respect and protect the properties of the Institution. 

Your Lecturers Expect You at Saint Francis D’Assisi:  
• That you show them courtesy and respect at all times. 
• That you accept their authority, responsibility and their rights to give you instructions. 
• That you listen when they speak or when other students speak. 
• That you indicate your desire to contribute by raising your hand. 
• That you avoid distracting behaviours  during the Class hour.  

Your Fellow-Students Expect You at Saint Francis D’Assisi:  
• That you don’t interfere or harm them through bullying or any forms of violence. 
• That you don’t depreciate their good name by insults or rumours. 
• That you don’t interfere with their chance to learn by causing disturbance during lectures. 
• That you speak with them with courtesy and respect. 
• That you be responsible for your actions and accept their consequences. 

The College Community Expects You at Saint Francis D’Assisi:  
• That Teachers and Students take advantage of every chance to learn 
• That Teachers and Students do not take part in unacceptable behaviours, such as, swearing, spitting, fighting and damaging or vandalizing Institution’s properties; theft or embezzlement of, damage to, destruction of, unauthorised possession of, or wrongful sale of college property. 
• That Teachers and Students show respect for your physical well-being by not taking alcohol, drugs or any forms of intoxicants. It is also the policy of SFDAC that Smoking is prohibited in the Campus.  
• That Teachers and Students take pride of your College and present a good image of yourself by behaving well in public and when travelling. 
• That Teachers be cooperative with the members of the staff 
• That Students should not indulge in Academic Misconduct, such as, copying, malpractice, cheating on assignments or examinations. 
• That Teachers and Students should not indulge in showing discrimination to others on the basis of origin, race, creed, gender, religious beliefs or sexual orientation. 
• That Teachers and Students should not indulge in Falsification, such as, providing college authorities and employees with false information and forging or altering official records or documents. 
• That Teachers and Students should refrain from using electronic or other means to make a video or photographic record of any person or persons without the knowledge or permission of the person or persons in such locations where personal privacy is demanded such as in Toilets, etc. 
• That Teachers and Students should not indulge in Abuse of Electronic Communication, such as, using College or personal telecommunications, data-communication networks for illegal or improper purposes. 
• That Teachers and Students are expressly prohibited from speaking on behalf of the College with any media organization or from inviting media organization to any College-owned or operated property, facility or event without the express written permission of the College authorities.  
• That Teachers and Students shall not form any organization, society or organise any event or collect any fund or subscription without the specific written permission of the College. 
• That Teachers adhere to a responsible pattern of conduct and demeanour.  
• That Teachers manage their private affairs in a manner consistent with the dignity of the profession.  
• That Teachers seek to make professional growth continuous through study and research.  
• That Teachers express free and frank opinion by participation at professional meetings, seminars, conferences etc., towards the contribution of knowledge. 
• That Teachers refrain from availing themselves of unnecessary leaves except on unavoidable grounds and as far as practicable with prior intimation, keeping in view their particular responsibility for completion of the academic schedule. 
• That every employee shall, at all times, be devoted to his/her duty and shall maintain absolute integrity, discipline, impartiality and a sense of belonging and shall not behave in a manner unbecoming of an employee of an educational Institution.  
• That every employee holding a supervisory post shall take all possible steps to ensure the integrity and devotion to duty of all employees under his control.  
• That an employee should at all times be courteous in his/her dealings with other members of the staff, students and members of the public and his/her behaviour should be commendable. 
• That you show allegiance to the Institution through your strong College spirit by participating in the College activities.   
• That you foster the spirit of Saint Francis D’Assisi, to be brothers and sisters to each other and thus to Respect Yourself, Respect Others, Respect the Environment.  

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